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Is your photocopier fit for purpose?

I recently was asked to visit a large site to look at a HP printer that was deemed too old by HP to fix, the client wanted to keep the old machine working.

Whilst I was on site I noticed that the client had

  • Colour printer A4
  • A3 / A4 photocopier
  • mono printer

I asked to speak to the manager, to see if we could help them save money, by looking at a single machine to cover the office needs.

The came back that they needed everything because of the new MFDs machines that had been supplied:

  • The copier had been supplied scanning only in mono (black and white)
    1. This meant colour text was often lost
    2. This meant that signatures we lost
  • The document feeder only scanned single sided
    1. So the client had to feed the document through 2 x or copy off the glass
  • The machine did not print in colour
    1. They had to have a second printer just for colour, at high toner costs
  • The machine was not fast enough for a busy room.
    1. So they had to have another printer to keep up

The IT company had been sold the wrong solution.

If you supply a MFD that can print at the right speed, scan as the client wants and print what the client wants then you would not need the extra machines and the extra costs.

In reality, the Photocopier / MFD was not fit for purpose, as it did not fulfil the criteria for the office.

Archway come into your business and really get to know what you need and only supply machines that we know you will be happy with. As our salesman are the engineers we wont try and shoe horn the wrong piece of equipment in!

To find out why Archway is the right copier company for you, see what a few of our clients have to say – Archway Testimonials

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