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I am an IT Expert and that came as a surprise

I have now been working on photocopiers for many years, and have seen them move from the large single sided copiers that needed corona wires changing, mirrors cleaning and vacuuming out almost monthly, this changed to double siding photocopiers copiers, and then the biggest change to digital photocopiers, that can print and scan.

Digital technology has been around in photocopiers for around 30 years now, and that has meant a huge difference in networking skills that have been learnt. Dealing with serial connectors, BNC networks, and then on to the ethernet networks that we now have. Computers have moved on in that time as well, so we don’t have to emulate drivers any more, LPR, many things have changed, Windows, Xp, 2000, 7, Vista, 10.

Apple Macintosh computers initially could not communicate with many photocopiers and needed Fiery controllers and other interfaces to deal with the rasterization of files and only dealt with Postscript drivers, many PCs could only use PCL drivers.

We have now moved into an age where most photocopiers can print and scan to most platforms, but there are legacy machines in the market place that need more help and some manufacturers who think printing to a Mac is worth paying extra, not as standard.

So, it has come as a bit of a shock to realise that I am an IT Guru! Why am I talking this way? The IT team in your  office or remote support, know about many areas of your IT, but I am an expert on how your printer and copier connect to your computers. Many years of dealing with the same issues over many different software and types of computers have meant that when you can scan or print, we can diagnose that issue reasonably quickly. We can recommend which driver to work and how to set up the preferences, so our defaults to trays and to black only printing.

Archway installed a new photocopier the other day, and did the basic install, as the IT department had all the answers and passwords. Even though we sent through all the documentation a week later the external IT company, asked us to do the install for them, as they could not work out why it didn’t work. Within an hour on site we had fault found the issue, on the server / network, and the client could scan.

Am I really an IT Guru, no that’s ridiculous, but with 30 years of dealing with the same issues I may know a little and that little bit of knowledge makes the photocopiers work correctly.

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