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Do Architects need a Managed Print Solution?

Over the 30 years I have been in the business of providing support for Architects, I have seen their job has changing completely. Gone are the days of sitting at a drawing board with the T-squares, triangles, compasses, French curves, templates and scales to make lines the correct angle, curvature and length. This may be the first draft still but mainly the job has gone digital, the use of the computer greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of drafting. Programs now exist that allow the architect to design in three dimensions and to create realistic 3-D models and renderings.

This means that the reliance on a high-quality printer has become even more important. Most clients have a large format printer and a MFD, (Multi-functional Device), for their standard work. We, know that the printer is an important tool for your business as important as your set square or ruler. You want to be able to produce prints to your clients as required, without excuses or problems.

Archway have experts that help you choose the right machine to produce fantastic picture and text quality, for a price that suits you, and keep it running properly too.

Archway Managed Print (AMP), means that you no longer need to worry about the quality of your prints, whether you need toner or what to do if it breaks down, we manage all of that for you and take the worry away. We monitor you machine to enable us to pre-empt problems occurring so we know when a part needs changing.

AMP gives you peace of mind that one of your main tools will not let you down.

Archway, “Because we care”

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