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Printer Colour Management

Here at Archway we are experts in Colour Management.  We specialise in Colour Management, getting the best results from your multi-functional office photocopier or printer and resolving technical issues quickly.

Print and design businesses rely on accurate colour calibration for monitors, printers and scanners. Without reliable output and proofing capabilities, you won’t get the highest standard of work to supply to your customers. Archway provide a maintenance contract service to ensure your colour printing stays on track.

Once you have had your machines calibrated, you’ll see the difference in your prints, and savings in ink and other consumables.

Experts in Print Colour Management

What is Colour Management?


When you work with colours and high spec designs on screen, you need them to be the same once printed. It’s no good proofing something to a customer, only to deliver something different. Calibration guarantees consistency.

What is Calibration?


  • Removes defects, colour casts and artefacts.
  • Saves on expenses in ink and paper from reduced test prints.
  • Allows effective use of various papers and inks.


  • Lengthens monitor life
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Gets accurate screen to print representation

Printer & Monitor Calibration

How does Printer Colour Management work?

The colour management system uses profiles and colours as building blocks and turns the RGB tones of a digital image into the CMYK output that appears from a printing device, allowing you and your coworkers to see the same image or visuals in the same colouring even if they are displayed on different devices.

Managed print solutions

Why use Archway for Print Colour Management?

Colour management can be expensive if not done in the correct way.  We can offer the experience and support to ensure your colour printing is done the right way.

Archway are a Papercut MF Certified Technical Specialist

What does that mean?

Papercut makes print management as easy and pain free as possible – saving companies significant money by putting controls and policies in place to:

Save Paper by Cutting Waste – thereby helping the environment

Track Printing – to increase efficiency

Reduce Costs

For any organisation large or small that has a high print requirement (such as Professional Services, Commercial services and Education), if you apply Papercut, you will soon start to see obvious ways to save paper, money and control your printing.

What are the benefit of Colour Management?

  • Repeatable colour – consistency in the colour produced
  • Colour confidence – quality repeatable colour every time, particularly when showing your clients
  • Quality of print – having the best quality to show your clients
  • Saving you money – offering you the best and most affordable solution

Who needs Managed Print Solutions?

We work with a range of business across Berkshire and beyond, helping keep their print services running.

  • Software Companies
  • Design Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • IT companies
  • Hotel ‘Business Centre Solutions.
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Schools
  • Care Homes
  • Estate Agents

What our clients say

“Archway offered the whole package. A good price and a quality solution. The fact they are local is a big plus because if there is a problem we need someone to be there to sort it out as quickly as possible.”

Helen Glanville



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