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Case Study: Northwood Reading & Newbury

Case Study - Archway exceeds expectations

Northwood is a family run Reading estate and lettings agent, part of the national Northwood group. They have a reputation for knowing the local property market, together with a unique offering which assures landlords of guaranteed rent.

Director Brian ‘Mitch’ Mitchison prides the branch on how it communicates; in person, on the phone and of course by printed leaflets and letters. Mitch takes up the story of how they switched from Xerox to Archway Business Solutions for a print solution that has saved money, generated growth and they now enjoy remarkable customer service.

“Naturally, the office generates lots of printed material. We think of an idea, ‘great, let’s get a thousand printed off and send them out’, well our printer couldn’t cope. As we have grown our administration has too, like scanning and photocopying.”

“We had been talking to Archway Business Solutions about replacing our Xerox machine and finally took the plunge and have a machine that does just about everything. The only thing it doesn’t seem to do is make the tea and put the heaters on in the morning when we come in, which would be quite nice!”

“I would definitely recommend Archway; I already have and will continue to do so.”

M. MitchisonNorthwood Reading & Newbury

“It prints, it copies, it scans extremely quickly. I think it’s a hundred and twenty pages per minute, which cuts down on the staff workload. A whole check-in pack in only five minutes, whereas it was taking us literally an hour to do before, so it’s a real productivity improvement.”

“Anything printed comes out so much quicker and the print quality is much better; plus, the print costs per sheet or per print are significantly less than what we were paying. I did the calculations and based on our old Xerox machine, I was paying some horrendous amount of money for every month. £250 per month for the machine and all the prints costs.”

“We could afford the whole new printer which does so much more, plus a significant amount of printing for a lot less than we were paying before. You know, it just was a no-brainier.”

“Then, on top of being cost effective, of course you’re talking about the quality as well. We can now put out a thousand leaflets a week and on 150gm quality white paper. It folds them for us, it would staple them if there was more than one sheet. So, we can produce little booklets, which we do for our check-ins on new lettings.”

“In a nutshell, it is saving us time and we can produce material that we weren’t able to do ourselves and that is saving so much. Often, we would need to go to a professional print company and 500 copies would cost £100 – now that £100 can produce so much more, something like 5,000, so definitely well worth the money.”

“Beyond the technical it is also about customer service, and with Xerox, you get zero to less than zero customer service.
With Phil Johnson from Archway, it’s the opposite and the team there will do anything to make it work and you know, I’ve been quite happy to pass on that testimonial within the Northwood group and know two other”

Franchises in Northwood group have bought so far and I fully expect they’ll get more because of the service level.

“You know, that’s how we differentiate great business relationships. The machine is the machine but when it comes to customer service, Archway call us and say: ‘Your toner’s running a bit low, do you have enough?’. That is priceless, because the last thing we want is be running out of toner – it is always going to happen just at the point when you’re printing out a check-in which is in an hour’s time. When we need help, Archway are around the same day; It’s usually within the hour.”

“It had got to the point where we were looking at employing someone on a part time basis just to cope with the level of paperwork. I still took on a person, but in a different capacity, focused on new business.”

“However, you look at it, using Archway for our print needs at Northwood has been a success. We’ve taken a five-year lease and it works on the figures. In terms of productivity and growth it is excellent and there is exceptional customer service.”

“I would definitely recommend Archway; I already have and will continue to do so.”

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