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You don’t know us but we now run your photocopier contract!

I have had several enquiries recently where a photocopier, which was under contract to a copier dealer, has had its contract sold on. This can happen if a company is taken over, the company has gone into liquidation or just had the service base sold on.

But where do you stand? You don’t know this new company from Adam!!

Well normally providing the new company does not change anything you have to stay with them, for the agreed length of the contract.

But, if the new company wants you to sign a new contract, you have the right to leave.

Why is this important?

It has come up several times that the new company, insists that the copier is not making them enough money / is costing to much / is not billed correctly. This is not your fault!

You have signed contracts in good faith and these should be upheld and honoured by the new support company, you need to stand your ground and if you don’t get satisfaction find a different company.

I have had the same company come up in several conversations and be openly slated by new clients. The clients were informed that the copier they had could not be serviced as it was too expensive, and they would need to be charged at least twice as much to carry on the service. This caused the client to be upset and they refused to sign the new terms and conditions.

If you are being asked to sign a new contract and keep the same equipment you have to ask yourself why would you want to do this, what do you get out of this new contract. Make sure the terms and conditions have not been altered and you are expected to pay more. Beware, extra charges can be slipped in to the contract, without this being highlighted.

We have taken them on at the same price they were paying and guaranteed the length of the service contract and price.

So if you want a second opinion, Contact Archway today

“because we care for our clients”

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