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What printer is right for you?

This is always the million dollar question!! You are asked to find a replacement printer and you google the word printer and thousands of options are open to you.

If you open up printer sales websites, many will have over 2,000 printers to choose from, that is an amazing amount of research that needs to be done to get you down to 20 machines let alone 1 that you can recommend to your company.

Firstly, I would recommend talking to a professional rather than just spending the next week looking at screens, creating charts.

But here are 6 tips on choosing the right machine for you:


  • Mono or colour?
    1. This may be obvious but if you choose mono it’s a lot cheaper to run


  • What is the best type of printer for you?
    1. Inkjet – this should only be used for short runs and very low usage
    2. Laser jet – higher volumes and reduced print costs
    3. Business Laser jet – managed print at an agreed cost, inclusive of all toners and parts


  • Do you want to just a printer or do you need scanning as well?
    1. MFDs or multifunctional devices allow you to scan documents
    2. Printers on their own are cheaper to buy


  • What network do you have?
    1. Standard USB cables are the most reliable to one off computers
    2. Network ethernet connectors are preferable for offices of multiple clients
    3. Wireless printers are “en vogue” at the moment as you can put them anywhere, but they tend to be unreliable, as WIFI is not always available


  • To duplex or not to duplex
    1. Do you want to double side your prints?
    2. Do you want to double side your scanning?
    3. If you do then you need to specify this


  • How much are the consumables?
    1. This is your biggest question work out your volume for your old machine and break this down per page for the cost of the new machine you are looking at.

Archway can come in and review your companies printers for free and offer up our findings to you.

We only recommend business printers that can save you company thousands to buy and use.

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