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Treating your customers with humanity

I was reading the report by Richard Kestenbaum from Forbes

It is so true, that clients are people, and want to be treated with care and not distrust.

I have grown up with a lot of simple rules to my life, some seem so old fashioned these days, but they work for me, opening doors for anyone, standing if someone needs to sit down on a bus, making the office a cup of tea if I am having one and trust people and they will not let you down.

Trust and respect is a “nice” way to lead your life, but can they work in business?

Well, yes they can, as you react to the way other people act, in the article it discusses how word of mouth referrals are the highest quality of company promotion. Service of your clients can either be fun or a chore, if they look forward to your visit then you are more likely to keep them and upgrade at the end of the contract.

Smaller service companies are able to really get to know their clients as they should have the time to understand their needs. I also find the opposite true of large companies, no customer interaction, no understanding of a need (ie more toner please), and no humanity when things do not fit into the screen they are looking at.

“Companies operate rationally, focusing on creating a profitable, smoothly running machine, whereas consumers operate emotionally, guided by their habits, comfort and feelings.”

“Because we care”

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