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What does a photocopier service contract cover?

Recently, I was asked to quote to take over the service contract on some Ricoh, photocopier / Multifunctional devices.

Making sure we gave the machines a thorough inspection, so that we could protect the service integrity of Archway, we were more than happy to take the service over.

The question was raised about costs. So, what is covered on a service contract?

You would think this would be standard across the different companies, wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, this is not the case and you have to ask some key questions.

  • What is covered under the contract?
    • The minimum you would expect is
      • engineer site visits
    • Is toner included?
      • Is there any extra toner charges hidden away?
      • Does this include next day delivery charges?
      • Delivery charge?
    • Using over 5% of toner means you get charged extra?
      • You can pay retail costs for toners considered over used
    • Waste toner box collection and disposal?
      • Is it an extra charge?
    • IT back up?
      • What is the standard IT support before you get billed?
    • Is scanning being charged?
      • Do you get charged for using the scanner?
      • What reason do they give?
    • Is there a minimum billing?
      • How many copies do you have to use before you make minimum?
      • Is this in your favour?
      • How much over payment have you made?
      • Are you encouraging over usage?
      • What happens if this falls quarterly?
        • Do you hit the minimum over Summer and Christmas?
      • Payment in advance?
        • So tell me, how many pages are you printing tomorrow? next week? For 3 months?
        • How will you know when you have been over charged?
        • When do you feel that you are not in control of your spend?
      • When can the contract price be increased?
        • 3 months?
        • 6 months?
        • Twice a year? Really some companies charge very low initial prices!
      • How much can it increase by?
        • Is the price increase limited
        • Have you got a low price because the price is going to increase massively?
      • What is the break clause in the contract?
        • This can be 3 months
        • This can be 10 years
        • On the anniversary, within a week,
        • Do you have to send a registered letter or email?

Archway have a transparent contract:

                One price for all service – simple and easy to understand

  • All service calls inclusive
  • All service parts inclusive
  • You only pay for copies / prints through the machine
  • You pay in arrears
  • Photocopier IT we will support from the office for free
  • No Extra for scanning
  • No Extra for toner usage
  • No Extra for waste toner
  • No Extra for drums, PCU, boards, or any other parts
  • The only charges would be for wilful damage…..



So use this this and challenge your support contracts, what is hidden in their prices ?

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