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My Photocopier is magic!

I visited a client this week who had a couple of offices, and in one of his other offices a different company was servicing the photocopiers. There is nothing new in this as you build up your business you find that legacy contracts are in place, patience and quality will always win out.

The client invited me in to take over the non Archway machines as they were doing magic tricks…….

Photocopiers that do magic, is a new one to me! I have always been asked if they can make coffee or tea, well that is the normal request, but I had never heard of this.

How can a copier do magic, well all of a sudden, without any interference from my client the machine magically started to print everything in full colour! That really is not great, as in this budget wise society, clients try and default everything to black and white, this keeps costs to a minimum. The client had a much larger bill to pay and was not service happy.

So how can a copier do magic, well it cannot, is the simple answer, the other photocopier service company had popped in and reset the defaults, so that it could make more money out of the client.

I have shown them how to set the defaults back and they are happy knowing that we will be taking over the contract and showing them how to save money without it costing them anything extra.

If you want to know how to save money on your copying we are happy to pop out and show you.


Archway we look after our clients and their budgets, because we care.

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