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Inkjet vs Laser Printers For Your Business

When it comes to buying printers for your office, you should always go for ones which are efficient, quick and productive. But then, there is always the consideration of either buying laser printers or inkjet printers for the office.

While there are higher-end laser printers on the market today designed especially for business, inkjet printers too are catching up with models made for business and offices. Here are some things to consider to help you make up your mind whether to invest in inkjet printers or laser printers for your business.

Inkjet Printers:

Inkjet printers use the technology of squirting liquid ink on the paper through microscopic nozzles. They were one of the first advanced printers of their time, but today there are plenty of upgraded features which makes them suitable for business use.

Pros of Inkjet Printers:

Great For Printing Photos – if your business requires you to print photos regularly, you can consider using inkjet printers for your office. Inkjet technology actually blends colour better, compared to laser printers. Basically, if your business is visual oriented, inkjet printers are a must.

Able To Print On Different Medias – if your business requires you to print on other medias besides paper such as canvas, heat transfer paper, DVDs, fabric and others, there are inkjet printers that allow you to print on such medias.

Cons of Inkjet Printers:

Unfortunately, speed had always been an issue with inkjet printers as they too often have slow to average printing speed. Printing on plain paper often gives a fuzzy, grainy and pale look, and they are often designed for home use, meaning that it has small paper load capacity. They have very small ink reservoirs and have to be replaced regularly, so are expensive to run.

Laser Printers:

Laser printers use LED or laser technology to generate the image onto a photoconductor / drum, which then gets transferred onto the printed media before being fused onto the paper via a fixing / fuser assembly. They are often designed for business use.

Pros of Laser Printers:

Perfect For Text – printing text with a laser printer produces a clear, crisp product. Whether black and white or colour, the quality of text printing is unbeatable.

High Speed – laser printers print at high speed, and this is one of the main reasons why most businesses use them, because of the fast speed.

Able To Handle High Capacity Printing – laser printers are often designed for business use, hence the ability to handle high capacity printing. The toner cartridges are larger so have a lower running costs.

Cons of Laser Printers – compared to inkjet printers, laser printers print out lesser quality photo prints and the machines are often larger.

When it comes to choosing printers for your business, it solely depends on the nature of your business as well as what is the main purpose of the printer.

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