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How mobile working is helping to improve the office environment

Mobile working habits are becoming increasingly common-place in office environments. The downside is that documents still need printing or scanning and it is often difficult to do so from mobile devices due to compatibility problems. This means employees have to return to their desk to print a document, which is both inconvenient and time-consuming. There is a clear demand for a flexible and convenient mobile printing solution.

To solve this problem, Develop has introduced the ineo+ 308, a colour multifunctional office system equipped to fully support mobile working habits. It features many useful functions to reduce the amount of manual work involved in document production. This in itself will help lower costs and you to opti¬mise your workflow.

Documents can be scanned using the convert+share tool, which allows documents to be scanned at the press of a button, converted into the required format and then automatically delivered to a configured file system.

The ineo+ 308 supports mobile and cloud printing via AirPrint (iPhones, iPods or iPad Touch), Mopria (devices running Android 4.4 or higher), Google Cloud Print (optional), WiFi Direct (optional) and embedded NFC authentication. This means that web pages, photos or PDFs can be printed on an ineo+ 308 via a WLAN network. What’s more, mobile workers can register the ineo+ 308 on their Google account and print from any location – provided the mobile device is connected to the internet.

ineoprint, a free but feature-rich app from Develop supports printing, scanning and managing documents from an iOS or any Android device. Once installed, the ineoPRINT app enables documents to be printed on a wide variety of multifunctional devices in Develop’s ineo range via WiFi.

The app can also be used to store and manage documents conveniently in one place, plus you can access the main cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, Google Drive, Sharepoint and Office 365 if you store your documents there. Besides this, a QR code device discovery function ensures you can locate the ineo system you want to print from.

Contact Archway for more information about the ineo +308

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