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How long is your service contract?

We all agree that not every photocopier company plays by the same rules but this is one of the most appalling issues that many people have come across.

When you sign up for a service contract, you need to know how much is will cost you, that’s a really simple question. Everyone does that!

But what happened when you want to terminate the contract?

What are the terms of cancellation?

Just how long is your contract?

I have heard that several less than honest companies have the following nasty parts to the contract.

  • A 10-year contract……. If you want to be released, you pay the full amount of the contract or have to buy a new machine.
  • Paying for copies within the contract, so you pay for the copies and you pay interest on the copies
  • You can only cancel on the anniversary of the contract otherwise you are tied in for another 12 months. And then it must be a registered letter to the office.
  • Extra copy charges you are signed for a specific amount of copies, if you do more then you pay a higher amount for copies done
  • And many more

All I am asking is that you don’t assume all photocopier contracts are the same.

Read the small print and know how much the machine is going to cost over the length of the contract. You don’t have to sign it!


At Archway we supply a straightforward contract, no hidden fees and a fixed contract.

“Because we care”

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