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What is an ethical photocopier company?

I am constantly amazed at how some people do business, in a market place where paper is still massively important. There is space for many photocopier and print companies, so you should treat clients with respect and honesty.

I am not sure if this is aimed at the unscrupulous sales based photocopier companies or to clients who may come across them.

Archway believe that all clients should be treated with respect, honesty and fairness, which includes a straightforward service contract.

So why does there still appear to be hard sell and “cowboy” salespeople in the market place.

One of my clients had a salesman call and book an appointment, claiming that they were requested to attend by the client’s colleague to discuss the lease on the copier they had.

They misled the client into believing that they were the supplier of the copier.

They misled the client that they serviced the copier

They misled the client that they were involved in the lease of the equipment

The client was initially confused and then upset that this kind of behaviour still goes on in 2017, and wants to know who to complain to? Unfortunately, only to the sales company themselves, who are not interested in how their salesmen sell only that they do sell machines. Sad.

I have the companies name and the salesman’s name too, but the less publicity they get the better.

As an engineer, who sells, I have a different perspective to other sales based companies, we are not looking for the profit in the sale, we are looking for the strong relationships over many years.

Our clients are our clients for the long term, we have had relationships of over 10 years with several companies, who know we will look after them, the machines supplied and the service given are based on respect and honesty support.


Archway Business Solutions Ltd, “because we care”

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