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Buying a Printer or Photocopier Pit Falls

A good friend of mine is convinced that all clients lie, especially to salesman as you know all salesman are liars too, so that fine then isn’t it? So, why does he get that feeling, that salesman lie? Well pretty much because there are some that do, regularly and without worrying about it.

I thought I would point out how you can avoid being misled by always ask the right questions.

1. So how much does it cost?

a) Always get a total figure of delivery and installation to your office

b) Is toner included?

c) Is there any extra costs for IT support?

2. It is so easy to buy the cheapest deal off the internet

a) Who are you buying it from?

b) Have they clients in your area?

c) Is it a UK sourced machine?

d) Do you have any local engineers?

e) What warranty do you give?

3. Do you know what you need?

a) What specification do I need?

b) What speed?

c) How many cassettes?

d) Fax?

IS THE MACHINE BRAND NEW?         Wow now you have the big question………….

Guess, how many deals in this last week the clients assumed the machine was new?

All of them!

Guess how many asked if it was new?

None of them!

So how many sales companies sell a new machine? Not all of them.

If its not in their quote, its not openly touched on, its NOT NEW.

“here is a picture of a new machine” – does not mean you are getting a new machine its just showing you a picture.

A client of mine was offered a machine 50% less than I can buy it for, that’s a little odd until the fact that no where in the quote does it say NEW. The client assumed it was.

So never assume, always ask the questions. Ask Archway for a back up quotation,


Archway always helping to keep your money safe

“because we care”

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