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Archway only give one quotation

Archway are not target driven on sales and sales profits, and this means you get real value for money first time every time.

We have won several large contracts all new clients, normally the hardest deals to win.

Archway won the contract by being the other quote or the comparison quotation,  the one to make sure that your existing supplier is being honest and fair with the profit they include.

No one believes that a business cannot work without profit, its how much you include that constantly takes my breath away, how much is reasonable and how much is greed?

Archway work on a modest profit on all copiers sold, to include the delivery and installation and then a modest return on the service contract, why is this important?

Many salespeople go in with the “glory deal” the one where if they win it they hit their targets set by the sales manager, they try to sell the machine with the best profit to themselves.

The best excuse I have heard was that the original sales man had sold the copier to cheap and now the poor copier company was trying to make its money back by including “extra profit” in the new machine. What a shame on the poor photocopier sales company, losing money on the deal. Funnily enough on my figures they had made more than enough profit.

When they are questioned they try and front it out, or go back with a magical discount that has just been offered.

Archway will only give one quotation, the one which offers what we believe is the correct machine, at the best price including delivery, installation and training.

Archway don’t have to discount the machine the price is the best price you can get, from a proper photocopier company.

Do you need a second opinion to make sure you have got real value for money?

Do you need a second opinion to keep your existing supplier honest?

Do you want to come into our office and see the copier working?

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