Archway are not target driven on sales and sales profits, and this means you get real value for money first time every time. We have won several large contracts all new clients, normally the hardest deals to win. Archway won the contract by being the other quote or the comparison quotation,  the one to make
I am constantly amazed at how some people do business, in a market place where paper is still massively important. There is space for many photocopier and print companies, so you should treat clients with respect and honesty. I am not sure if this is aimed at the unscrupulous sales based photocopier companies or to
Recently, I was asked to quote to take over the service contract on some Ricoh, photocopier / Multifunctional devices. Making sure we gave the machines a thorough inspection, so that we could protect the service integrity of Archway, we were more than happy to take the service over. The question was raised about costs. So,
Printer technology has somewhat been playing catch up with itself over the last 20 years. There were originally 3 types of output device: dot matrix (noisy), inkjet (very smudgy) and laser (expensive). Since then, the smidges have disappeared from inkjet and the prices have dropped for laser, so making the decision of which printer to
Printing property particulars is a part of every good estate agent’s marketing life. Property particulars – including brochures, leaflets and floor plans – are a key part of getting potential buyers interested in one of your properties. While most people will search an estate agent’s online portfolio, a website can only go so far, and
In our day to day pottering around the office, we get a fair number of phone calls or emails asking us how people can save money on their printing and scanning. And to be honest, they’ve come to the right place.  After all, it’s what we do. But we figure that for every person calling
Have you noticed that the quality of your prints or copies has been a bit rubbish lately? Do the blacks suddenly look grainy? Is the ink smudging, or maybe even not appearing altogether? Are there lines where there shouldn’t be any? Or maybe your printing has always been like that, and you just hadn’t noticed
If you’ve been with us a while, dear reader, you may have noticed that we often refer to both ‘ink’ and ‘toner’ when we talk about printing. Now depending on your life experiences, this difference might mean a lot to you, it might mean something completely different, or it might mean nothing at all. For
Anyone reading this who owns a car or other motorized vehicle will know how important your annual services and MOT’s are. In fact, driving a car without a valid MOT is thoroughly illegal and will land you a fine if £1000. But that rather punitive measure is there for a good reason, because the only
A little while back, we may have mentioned that the team at Archway are all about supporting the local community and promoting good causes. Well over the last few months it’s been the other way around, and we are delighted! On Sunday the 19th of March, our own Phil Johnson – affectional known as drummer

Do You Know Your Printers?

So you think you know about printers? You can tell the difference between an inkjet and a laser printer, and you might even be able to change the inks on some of them. Well partner, while you might think that you’re an expert on all things printer, we’re here to tell you that there’s more
Colour is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things in this world. Colour is everywhere around us, and the subtle differences are what makes our world so visually stunning. The effect different colours can have is also really important. How one shade of green can make you think of fresh dewy grass in
At Archway, we are firm believers in the old adage that it takes a village to build a business. We have had so much help and support from the community and local business owners in our 9 years in business, it is impossible to deny really. And that’s why we have shaped our business into
Imagine this. You’re just starting out in business for yourself as a flower courier. You’ve got your office and warehouse keys in one hand and your laptop in the other. When you open the door to your shiny new rented office, you see endless possibilities. You set your computer up and get to work. Soon

A Beginners Guide To Paper Jams

If you ever need someone to come and unblock your printer, just shine the print-signal into the night sky and wait for the Archway superheros to show up. No, we won’t be wearing tights, and thankfully we won’t be rolling in through any windows. We’ll probably just knock on the door like normal people. One
We wanted to give you a quick introduction to our newest team member Allister Atherton. Allister has always had an interest in technology, his background is within systems support and infrastructure development and maintenance, so it was obvious where he fitted into Archway’s structure. He has been tasked with introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
Mobile working habits are becoming increasingly common-place in office environments. The downside is that documents still need printing or scanning and it is often difficult to do so from mobile devices due to compatibility problems. This means employees have to return to their desk to print a document, which is both inconvenient and time-consuming. There
When it comes to buying printers for your office, you should always go for ones which are efficient, quick and productive. But then, there is always the consideration of either buying laser printers or inkjet printers for the office. While there are higher-end laser printers on the market today designed especially for business, inkjet printers