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What are you doing for your Community?

It is that time of year that either gets you nostalgic for those good old days, looking forward to seeing family members that are away from you and giving gifts to friends and family, but what are you giving to your community this year?

As part of our CSR, Archway has sponsored a local charity to be part of our local networking group, BNI, giving the charity access to local companies and a support network.

The charity is

When I popped along to their offices I was amazed at how many people had been generous with their time and their old clothing to support the charity. There was row upon row of children’s clothes split up into ages, types of clothing, the time of year summer etc,  shoes, toys, bedding etc… All was washed and stored ready to be picked for a deserving family.

I felt lost in a world where however much you do, it is not enough, there will be families who need help and Kathryn who ran the charity explained she was working towards a time when they would no longer be needed, that’s something to aim for.

What could Archway do to support them more? Well it was simplicity indeed, when a photocopier gets delivered to us it comes in a large, strong cardboard box, Kathryn told me how the boxes they used were just not strong enough for the clothes. Today we dropped off 5 copier boxes, able to hold the clothes that were being collected. Simple really, and of course we gave them a new printer too.

So, what is your local charity? What simple thing can you do to support them? If you move out of your office and have a chat you might just find out.

Why? Because we care

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