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We give a big welcome to Allister Atherton, the newest member of the Archway team

We wanted to give you a quick introduction to our newest team member Allister Atherton.

Allister has always had an interest in technology, his background is within systems support and infrastructure development and maintenance, so it was obvious where he fitted into Archway’s structure. He has been tasked with introducing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to all current and future customers, which provides great cost savings by leveraging the document scanning feature.

Allister wants to help customers gain the most from the technology Archway can provide, in order for them to improve and automate workflow.

He does have a number of strings to his bow and is already involved with all areas of Archway’s daily business. You may have already have seen him maintaining and installing printers and photocopiers.

Outside of work, besides loving technology, Allister is a keen runner with some marathons and half marathons under his belt, he enjoys bodyboarding and has a keen interest in drumming and percussion.

When you see him, make sure you say hello.

If you are interested in OCR, please email or call 0118 324 0135 for more information

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