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Print Management In Estate Agents

Printing property particulars is a part of every good estate agent’s marketing life. Property particulars – including brochures, leaflets and floor plans – are a key part of getting potential buyers interested in one of your properties. While most people will search an estate agent’s online portfolio, a website can only go so far, and you still need something to hand prospective buyers when they leave the property.

There is no denying that emotion plays a big role in choosing a property to buy or rent. The property brochures you provide play a key part in persuading a prospective buyer to view, or even go ahead on a property. They prompt the buyer to take their next step from initial interest to viewing, and then from viewing to buying. When trying to decide between several properties, those brochures are all your customers have to remember and judge your properties on. The quality of your property collateral could be the difference between simply liking the look of a property to deciding to book a viewing, so they need to be perfect.

Managing Your Print Requirements

The world of an estate agent can move very quickly, with some properties staying on the market for months and others disappearing within days, or even hours. So predicting how many property particulars and copies of sales collateral, flyers and other documents will be required for each property can be an impossible task.  Sending these things to external printers can be time-consuming and expensive, and most estate agents will find themselves with a lot of extras left over once the property sells. That’s why so many estate agents are switching to in-house brochure printing. By investing in a high-quality printer and maintenance package, estate agents can take complete control of their printed materials. From implementing automated workflows (so when a viewing is booked in, a brochure is automatically printed, saving time) to printing one off signage and brochures on demand or large reports that need to be collated and bound (which your printer could do to), Archway can help you take control, save money and save time producing high quality printed materials.

Show Properties In Their Best Light

Property brochureAt Archway we work with a lot of estate agents that want to show off their properties, without having to send their brochures away to be printed. Our range of on-site printers offers a simple and convenient way to print exactly what you need, when you need it, without paying high priced external printers. Instead, you can enjoy great picture quality, glossy or matte finish paper and the inbuilt ability to create booklets, folded letters, brochures and even banners at the touch of a button. No smudging, no dull colours, just perfectly printed brochures every time. That’s because our experts help you choose the right machine to produce fantastic picture and text quality, for a price that suits you, and keep it running properly too.

All Day Support

What we do best at Archway isn’t providing you with an amazing printer that can do everything you want for a budget that suits you, it’s the support, training and care that really sets us apart. When your estate agency buys a printer from Archway, it won’t just arrive in a box. It will be carried in, unpacked and installed by the Archway team, so you will be set up and ready to go right away. Our experts will then train you and your team on how to use your new printer, and how to get the best out of it, thanks to all of our industry know-how. We can teach you how to control access to your printer with passwords, and install quota’s so no one is printing too much. We can set you up with tablet, PC and smartphone access to allow mobile printing, and we can start up a service plan that covers all of your ink, toner and maintenance needs, so you never have to think about it again. This support is in person 9-5.30, with out of hours phone support, with a team member always available for a phone call, or to be on site to fix issues within a matter of hours.

At Archway, we pride ourselves on supporting estate agents in selling and letting as much as possible. If you want to find out more about how we could help your estate agency boost your sales with high quality printed materials, just get in touch with the team today. And if you’re still not sure, find out what Northwood Estate Agents had to say in this case study

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