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Let Your True Colours Shine Through – Manage Your Colour

Colour is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things in this world. Colour is everywhere around us, and the subtle differences are what makes our world so visually stunning. The effect different colours can have is also really important. How one shade of green can make you think of fresh dewy grass in the morning or the first young leaf of spring, but change the hue even slightly and you get a green that resembles the puke in a toilet after you’ve had one too many Apple Sourz shots. Every colour is made up of different elements, and these elements can display differently on different mediums, depending on how they’ve been set up. For businesses who work a lot with colour, making sure the shades, hues and saturations they choose are consistent across all devices, and in print, is incredibly important. Even slight differences could change the image they’re working on completely. That’s why colour management came into existence.


What Is Colour Management?

Ok, let’s start with the technical bit. Colour management is a complex set of systems whose entire purpose is making sure the colour you choose is what shows up on every medium. It reconciles the differences between the colour representations on a computer screen and the colours that come out of your printer. The software spends it’s time collecting all of the colour data from every device it can – from scanners, digital cameras, monitors, TV screens, printers and copiers – and pulling them all into line. That way, the colours all display consistently, with no variations at all. If you don’t have a colour management system, you will find that what looks like a beautiful shade of sky blue on your screen can come out a vivid aqua green when you print it. That might still look lovely but it’s not really what you were going for, is it?


Why Do I Need To Manage My Colours?


CakeNow to the fun bit (which is why we included our colour-managed cake) – why you need to bother managing your colours. This bit is particularly important to designers, printers and basically any visually creative people. When they choose colours, it’s not just because that shade happens to be their favourite. It’s because that exact colour is really important to the project. So when that is printed, or sent to a client for proofing, it needs to display as that same shade. Otherwise it can be very embarrassing if a client tells you you’ve got their corporate colours wrong!

Colour management software means that you can get repeatable colour throughout all of your projects. So if you’ve designed and printed some leaflets, that corporate blue will look exactly the same when you print a new run in a month’s time. For businesses who don’t rely so heavily on design, colour management is still an important tool. For one thing, it stops paper and ink wastage from binning projects that don’t print in quite the right colours. It saves you time, eliminating the need to print a document several times until the colur looks right. Colours come out clearer and brighter, making your documents really stand out against those who don’t have colour management. This could make all the difference with bid documents for big projects.

At Archway, we specialise in helping businesses perfect their colour across the board. Whether you work with colour all day or simply send design work to be printed, accurate colour calibration means you will get the highest quality output every time. Our experts will help you with installation of the software and setting the colour profile for your entire business. If something goes wrong, we will be there in a flash to put it right. For more information, get in touch with one of our colour experts today and start seeing your business in perfect technicolour.

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