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Annual MOT’s Aren’t Just For Cars

Anyone reading this who owns a car or other motorized vehicle will know how important your annual services and MOT’s are. In fact, driving a car without a valid MOT is thoroughly illegal and will land you a fine if £1000. But that rather punitive measure is there for a good reason, because the only way you know that your car is still running smoothly and safely is with these checks. Now, printers might not be as dangerous as cars are when they go wrong (though they have been known to violently eject ink cartridges) they still need to be taken care of in the same way. A lot of the people we chat to on a daily basis don’t realise how important it is to have your printer serviced regularly.

Longer Life

Printers are just like people really – they just want to live to a ripe old age doing what they are best at. However, just like people, they are also prone to throwing hissy fits and suffering general wear and tear over the years. So think of your printer services as your GP appointments – a general check up every now and then to make sure that everything is still going smoothly and there are no hidden problems lurking in the background that you didn’t know about. By catching problems quickly and giving a general tune up service, Archway are able to prolong the lifespan of your printer photocopier significantly, all for the cost of a box of ink. 

Save Money On Repairs

Like anything with moving parts, if it’s not taken care of properly eventually it’s going to fall apart. When this happens, you not only lose out on print time while your machine is out of action, but it could cost you a fortune in repairs and new parts, or even a new machine. Getting your printer fixed one-off is fine if it’s once in a blue moon, but if you’re needing the same issues fixed regularly you could end up spending a small fortune. But by taking up a regular service and repair contract, the little issues can be caught and fixed before they start to cause big problems. When you compare a small monthly cost to keep everything running smoothly to the price of a brand-new printer and photocopier every few years, it’s really a no brainer.

Maintain High Quality Printing 

Faded photocopies? Splotches on your beautiful colour prints? Or maybe just some irritating white lines through your words? Your printer needs servicing. It might not seem like a big issue now, but that sort of issue can quickly snowball into something much more damaging, so it’s best to get everything cleaned, tightened and running properly again. While some printers might be able to ‘self-clean’ and even ‘self-service’ to some degree, there are some servicing tasks that just have to be done by a human being. But instead of cracking open the manual and giving it a go yourself (trust us, it rarely goes well), call in a professional. Our service engineers can be at your offices within 4 hours for emergencies, or at pre-arranged servicing times to give your machine a look over and a full service, so you can rely on high quality printing all year round.

At Archway Business Solutions, we offer an extensive service and repair package to all of our customers, so you can relax knowing that your printer issues are taken care of. Our service contract customers are looked after by our printer superhero’s, who can be on site within 4 hours to solve problems, service machines or avert world disaster (well, you never know). Our experts service and repair most major brands of printer and photocopier, including Konica, Canon, Ricoh, HP, Epson, Lexmark, OKI, Sharp, Olivetti, Nashuatec, Develop, Xerox, Brother and any others you can think of. For more information about our service and repair package, or to just ask us a question, get in touch with the team and we will be happy to help.

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